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Butterfly Sanctuary in Bohol

Welcome to Bohol’s magical Butterfly Sanctuary, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will immerse you in the natural world and allow you to see butterflies in all their brilliance. The sanctuary, situated in the island’s verdant environs, is the residence of numerous butterfly species indigenous to the Philippines.

Bohol Countryside Tour - Butterfly Sanctuary

Explore a World of Colorful Wings

At Butterfly Sanctuary in Bohol, you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at various exquisitely colored butterflies as they flutter around their carefully maintained garden paradise. Learn about these delicate animals’ intriguing life cycles, distinctive behaviors, and crucial contributions to preserving ecological balance while getting up close and personal with them.

Guided Tours

Our tour guides will accompany you throughout your journey, providing insightful information and entertaining stories about these remarkable insects. From caterpillars transforming into beautiful butterflies to mesmerizing mating dances, our guided tours offer an engaging experience for visitors of all ages.

Butterfly Sanctuary in Bohol
Bohol Bilar Butterfly Sanctuary

Interactive Exhibits

Aside from observing live butterflies, immerse yourself in interactive exhibits showcasing various aspects of butterfly biology and conservation efforts. Discover fascinating facts about these extraordinary insects and be inspired by the dedicated work done worldwide to protect their ecosystems.

Photography Opportunities

Capture stunning images of vibrant wings against tropical vegetation at the sanctuary’s designated photography areas. Practice your macro photography skills or take memorable snapshots with your friends and family amidst this breathtaking scenery.

Educational Programs

Learning should be fun, engaging, and hands-on. Young students and adults interested in learning more about the ecology of butterflies can benefit from the educational programs. 

Bohol Butterfly Sanctuary

School Field Trips

The Butterfly Sanctuary offers a unique educational experience ideal for school field trips. Students can explore a living classroom while fostering.

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