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Baclayon Church, Bohol: A Timeless Treasure

Discover the Rich History and Spiritual Charm of One of the Oldest Churches in the Philippines.

Welcome to Baclayon Church, a remarkable gem nestled within the heart of Bohol. As one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, it is a testament to centuries of faith, devotion, and resilience. Join us as we explore its captivating history and admire its breathtaking architecture.

Bohol Countryside Tour - Baclayon Church

A Journey Through Time: The Story of Baclayon Church

Baclayon Church, formally known as La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church, was founded by Spanish Jesuit priests in 1596. Built with coral stones and bamboo, this iconic church has been lovingly preserved for over 400 years.

In October 2013, a devastating earthquake shook Bohol, severely damaging the church’s structure. With unwavering determination and support from local communities and international organizations, Baclayon Church underwent meticulous restoration work that unveiled even more historical treasures.

Architectural Masterpiece: A Testament to Filipino Artistry

The elegance and grandeur of Baclayon Church showcase an impeccable blend of Spanish colonial architecture with Filipino craftsmanship. Marvel at its intricately carved wooden altars adorned with gold leaf as you appreciate the skillful hands that have contributed to this magnificent edifice.

Beautiful frescoes in the church depict biblical stories that captivate believers and art enthusiasts alike. Visitors can also admire an impressive collection of antique religious relics dating back to the early years of Christianity in the Philippines.

Baclayon Church Bohol
Bohol Baclayon Church

Immerse Yourself in Serenity: A Place for Quiet Reflection

Find solace within Baclayon’s tranquil walls. This sacred space offers respite from our modern world’s hustle and bustle—perfect for quiet reflection or prayer moments. Soak up its serene atmosphere as you listen to angelic hymns echoing throughout the church during Mass celebrations.

Baclayon Church Museum: A Portal to the Past

Explore the on-site museum, where you can discover many historical treasures. Be transported back in time as you view ancient relics, vestments, and artifacts that glimpse the rich past of Baclayon Church. The museum is open daily for guided tours, allowing visitors to appreciate its fascinating collection fully.

Baclayon Church In Bohol

Plan Your Visit Today

Baclayon Church invites you to experience its timeless charm and immerse yourself in centuries-old history. Uncover the stories etched within its walls and be inspired by the dedication and faith of those who have safeguarded this sacred sanctuary for generations.

Visit today—your journey through time awaits.

Opening Hours:

Monday-Sunday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Mass Schedule: Please consult the information posted on the church entrance upon arrival

Bohol Countryside Tour Itinerary:

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