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Bohol Countryside Tour Package

A province on an island, Bohol is located in the Philippines’ Central Visayas. It is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. However, the beauty of Bohol extends beyond its shores. The province’s countryside is filled with natural wonders, rich history, and cultural gems that will captivate any traveler.

One of the most significant ways to explore the countryside of Bohol is on a guided tour. This page will take you through some of the most popular attractions in a Bohol Countryside Tour.


  • Car/Van provision for countryside tour with driver serving as guide/photographer.
  • Entrance fees to all destinations listed in the itinerary (excluding the optional spots).
  • Freebies / 1 bottled water.

Duration: 6-8 hours

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What to Expect from a Bohol Countryside Tour Package

A typical Bohol Countryside Tour usually lasts about 8 hours and covers multiple destinations throughout the province. The tour typically includes comfortable transportation with air-conditioning, a tour guide, and entrance fees to all attractions.

Here are the best destinations you can expect to visit:

Bohol Countryside Tour Itinerary

Bohol Countryside Tour - Blood Pact Shrine

1. Bohol Blood Compact Shrine And Monument

The countryside tour begins with a stop at the Blood Compact Site in Tagbilaran City, where you will learn about one of the most significant events in Philippine history. This site commemorates a peace treaty that was signed between Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna, a native chieftain.

Bohol Countryside Tour - Baclayon Church

2. Baclayon Church

Next on our list is Baclayon Church – one of the oldest stone churches in Asia that was built during the Spanish colonial era in 1727. This church once served as both a place of worship and as a fortress against invading forces.

Bohol Countryside Tour - Tarsier Sanctuary

3. Bohol Tarsier Sanctuary

A trip to Bohol would only be complete with seeing these cute little creatures! Tarsiers are one of the world’s smallest primates and are found only in Southeast Asia. At The Tarsier Sanctuary, you can observe these nocturnal animals up close and personal while learning about their conservation efforts.

Bohol Countryside Tour - Loboc River Cruise

4. Loboc Bohol River Cruise

After seeing some historical sites and wildlife, it is time to relax with a cruise along Loboc River while enjoying buffet lunch aboard one of their floating restaurants! This peaceful river offers stunning views of lush forests and towering cliffs that will leave you breathless. (This is optional)

Bohol Countryside Tour - Chocolate Hills

5. Chocolate Hills And Observatory

Finally, we arrive at arguably Bohol’s most famous attraction – the Chocolate Hills! The hills are a group of over 1,200 geological formations that look like chocolate mounds during the dry season. You can climb up one of the viewing decks to see an unobstructed view of this unique natural wonder.

Bohol Countryside Tour - Bohol Man-Made Forest

6. Bilar Man-Made Forest

On your way back to Tagbilaran City, you will have a chance to visit a man-made forest in Bilar town. This dense forest was created as part of Bohol’s reforestation program and is now home to different species of trees and plants.

Bohol Countryside Tour - Butterfly Sanctuary

7. Butterfly Sanctuary

Another stop on the way back is the Butterfly Sanctuary in Bilar town, where you can witness thousands of butterflies fluttering around freely in their natural habitat. This sanctuary also serves as an educational facility for visitors who want to learn more about butterfly breeding and conservation efforts.

Bohol Countryside Tour - Hanging Bridge

8. Hanging Bridge at Sevilla

For those who seek adventure, a crossing on the Hanging Bridge in Sevilla town is highly recommended! This suspension bridge made with bamboo planks stretches over the Sipatan River and offers stunning views of the surrounding lush greenery.

Bohol Countryside Tour - Prony Phython Sanctuary

9. Prony Python Sanctuary

The final destination on our countryside tour is Prony Python Sanctuary which is located in Alburquerque town. This sanctuary houses one of the world’s largest pythons named “Prony” which weighs about 200 kg (440 lbs). Visitors can also encounter other animals, such as monkeys, birds, and reptiles here.

***Additional spots to go are souvenir shops here in Bohol.***

Bohol Countryside Tour Map Itinerary

Tips for Enjoying Your Tour

The following tips may help make your Bohol Countryside Tour even more enjoyable:

  • Wear Comfortable Clothing and Footwear – Bohol’s countryside destinations require some walking and climbing around, so make sure to wear comfortable clothing and footwear.
  • Bring Sun Protection – It’s crucial to bring sunblock or wear hats/caps as Bohol’s countryside destinations are mostly outdoors with little shade.
  • Bring Cash – Most attractions don’t accept credit cards, be ready with cash for entrance fees and souvenirs.
  • Respect Wildlife – When visiting wildlife sanctuaries such as Tarsier Sanctuary or Python Sanctuary, follow guidelines on how to interact with animals appropriately.
  • Support the Local Economy – Buy souvenirs and taste local treats like peanut kisses to support local businesses.

Conclusion: Experience the Magic of Bohol’s Countryside!

Bohol’s countryside tour is a perfect getaway from the beach scene that makes up much of this island province’s reputation as a tourist destination. Discover Bohol’s interior’s stunning natural, cultural, and enchanted delights by taking a break from the coast. Bring your camera, and do not forget to take photos to preserve these special moments!

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